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200 Hour Yin & Vinyasa Course curriculum breakdown


- History of Yoga & natural medicines

- The 8 Limbs of Yoga + Application

- 5 Element theory + Application 

- Exploration of Samkhya, the circle of Samsara, Yoga Sutras and the Art of detachment and self mastery 


Foundations of Vinyasa (origins and translations)

Vinyasa Class sequencing 

Traditional Sun Salutations A + B 

Transitioning & prop usage 

Traditional Vinyasa Asana practice and breakdown 

Peak Posture practice 


Foundations of Yin Yoga 

Origins of Yin 

Yin Yang theory & philosophy

The tattvas (principles) of Yin Yoga  

Traditional Chinese Medicine 5 element theory 

Understanding Fascia within Yin Yoga

Anatomy of Yin - Organs 

Yin postures and breakdown 


Asana (posture) and variation workshops 

Adjusting for injuries & chronic pain/conditions

Vinyasa Class structure 

Yin Class structure 

Peer teaching on a regular basis 

Teachers ethics & code of conduct 

Setting up the classroom and environment 

Physical adjustment workshops (appropriation and practice)

Prop usage and workshops around peak postures, alighment and  myofascial release techniques

*Heavy focus on the application of anatomy and physiology whilst teaching through correct anatomical guidance*

ASANA (postures) 

Types/groups of postures

In depth analysis of each posture with guidance and anatomical breakdown 


Understanding the use of Sacred sound

How to chant AUM correctly 

The physics behind frequency, the chakras and sound healing 

Gayatri prayer 


The skeletal system:

Types of Bone

The vertebrae 

Joints, ligaments + tendons

The muscular system:

Types of contraction

Muscle function (study of each individual muscle and it's particular function + applying to Yoga postures)

Case study of injuries/common issues within the class environment

Injury prevention

Anatomy of movement (biomechanics)

Application of anatomy within a class environment 

The Nervous system 

Anatomy and biochemistry of Adrenal burn out and stress 

Gut brain communication + Immunity 



- Prana & Pranayama theory 

- Pranic value - implementation and integration into our lifestyle 

- The energy pathways known in both Yogic and TCM philosophies as The Nadis and meridians

- The Chakras: in depth analysis, science behind energy centres,learning to feel and work with the energy centres, the Endocrine & Nervous system in relation to the Chakras

- Frequency and wavelength of colour and brain waves

The respiratory system in depth

Biochemistry of breathing 

Chronic illness and breathing

Healing ourselves - how this works and the science of healing ourselves

Traditional Pranayama (Breath work) techniques 

Modern Breath work 

Trauma informed practice; Contraindications of breath work techniques 

The principle of attraction 

Meditation techniques

Affirmation setting, what to do and what not to do based on how the sub conscious and conscious brain work


- In depth Nutrition and holistic lifestyle workshop 

- Acro Yoga workshop (in person only) 

- Business of Yoga:

Part 1: Marketing and setting up your own conscious brand/business

Part 2: Finance of a small business, setting up, tax and accounting

- Experiencing Energy workshop with trained professional Elias Delphius (online only)

- Emotional release sessions & Tarot readings





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