Online LEVEL 1 200 Hour YTTC in Yin & Vinyasa

Yoga Alliance Certified 

Contributes to Yoga Diploma & 300HRS


This program consists of our 20 Hours Introductory program + 180 Hours of our Live streamed YTT to become a fully qualified Level 1 Yoga teacher. the 20 Hours is a standalone course which can be used as a tool to help you decide if we are the school for you! If you continue on to complete your Teaching qualification, the 20 Hour course will be gifted to you for FREE. There is more details on the introductory program here.


Part 1 July 1st - 31st

1 week BREAK

Part 2 August 11th - August 28th

Australia, Timezone AEST: 

Friday 3pm - 8pm 

Saturday 6am - 7:30am - BREAK - 3pm - 8pm

Sunday 6am - 7:30am - BREAK - 3pm - 8pm

Monday 6am - 7:30am

The timetable has been designed to suit as many timezones as possible, allowing international students to join in from wherever they are. This course is supplemented by the Student portal which has a playback library. Please note that this program is not self paced, all classes will need to be completed within the timeframe in order to qualify as a Yoga Teacher. The Last two weekends of the course is for assessments, both theory and practical where you will be asked to teach x2 60 minute classes to your piers and the pubic online, with supervision from a Lead Trainer.


If you are unsure whether this is for you, we have designed the perfect Introductory short course for just $49. It is self-paced and pre-recorded, which allows you to have full control of your studies. You will have life time access to the material with personal mentorship from our lead trainers throughout. If you enjoy the Introductory program, we will gift it to you for free when proceed with a qualification!

Online Meditation



View the full list of modules here 

Prana Portal


You will have access to our online student portal to be able to rewatch, catch up or find some interesting extra curriuclum videos & articles! Your password will be emailed to you at the start of the training

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Bonus Business package


Invoice Template 

Social Media Templates


Sample Waiver of Liability 

Class Music Playlists


Sample Client Intake form

Access to postgraduate teachers Network



" I can't believe how much this changed my life" - Ellen, Belgium 2021, Week 3 of YTT


Payment plans available
$1,950 AUD      £1,035 GBP     $1,430 USD

This course is one of very few worldwide that is offered in this unique format; with 20 hours of self-paced study and the remaining 180 hours 100% live-streamed Many other programs are pre-recorded, leaving little room for connection. This is why It costs more than other options out there - because we value real connection, face to face time with your lead trainers and most importantly we believe it is the safest and highest quality. We believe in creating a heartfelt community. Friendships have been formed throughout these courses that will last a lifetime.

We want to support & mentor you through this next step personally, which is why we have priced all of our courses in such a way that anyone can change their life. Pricing plans are available if you wish to contact us and discuss your needs.

Payment plans can be discussed on request. If bought with one of our other courses there will be discounts available. 



Your group will have a maximum of 8 students, therefore make sure to book in or contact us soon to secure your spot!


Is this course Registered with Yoga Alliance?

YES! We are with one of the best branches of YA - Australia, their requirements are of a much higher standard than other branches such as America.

What if I can't attend all of the live sessions?

That's OK - we expect our students to commit to all of the sessions where they can, but this is also why we have an online portal. Just communicate with us and we can sort out a schedule!

Is this course self paced?

No - we believe that learning in real time is incredibly valuable, not only for the connection between students and teacher, but to ensure that you are fully understanding the content + able to ask questions!

Are there payments plans available?

Yes - each payment plan can be discussed individually. Please contact us to orgainse this.

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