Upcoming Trainings:

200 hours Vinyasa & Yin - Online

September 4th- November 1st - SOLD OUT

November 6th- January 10th - SOLD OUT

July - TBA

In Person 200 hours Vinyasa & Yin - Byron Bay

January 31st - 21st February SOLD OUT

June 4th- 25th - SOLD OUT

In Person 50 Hour Yin Immersion - Melbourne

April 16th-25th (x2 weekends)  

Online 50 Hour Hatha 

March 19th-26th (2 weekends)  

May - TBA


About the School

Barefoot Yoga School is where you can come to find the perfect balance between deep routed philosophy, authenticity and the science behind Yoga, breath, movement and meditation. We are a unique school, offering extensive well researched modules to help bridge the gap between the East and the West. We value the lineage and traditional healing modalities but go a step further in making it relevant, easy to apply and comprehend from other perspectives. 

We are one of the only schools in Australia to be offering the combination of Yin and Vinyasa at a 200 Hour level, this is a unique combination due to the difference in origin. Yin is influenced by Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupressure, whilst Vinyasa comes from an Indian decent and is now one of the most popular types of Yoga across the globe. We combined these two in order to create a perfectly balanced training using the Yin Yang philosophy. 

We are also an accredited continuing education centre, allowing us to offer advanced 50 hour short courses for passionate teachers and students alike. 


Our credentials

Guaranteeing professional and internationally recognised teaching. Yoga Alliance Australia is one of the best in the world, It requires all lead trainers to have a minimum of 4000 hours of experience before attaining a lead role. Our teachers have been taught in India themselves and have completed all of their trainings in India. This maintains the strong lineage of authenticity throughout their teachings and course materials. Jessica + Adam aim to keep Yoga traditional with a heavy focus on anatomical alignment and knowledge of the physical, emotional and mental body. As trainers we believe in the constant evolution of ourselves and the dedication to our own learning to bring the best content and teachings to our comprehensive and spiritual courses. 

200 hour Curriculum 


Lead Trainers

Guaranteeing professional and internationally recognised teaching

Jess and Adam are the lead trainers of the 200 hour YTTC and the advanced 50 hour components. Having gained their 500 hours in India with two separate institutions, registered as Experienced Yoga teachers under Yoga Alliance International and spent a collective 12 years in the health industry, they are able to help students apply ancient knowledge in a modern world and bridge the gap between East and West. 

As lead trainers and owners of Barefoot Yoga, Jess and Adam are proud to present a unique approach and curriculum which they believe you won't find anywhere else. Finding the perfect combination between science and philosophy. 

As an insitution we focus on being on the cutting edge of science, spending much of their own time studying and delving into extensive and ongoing research into natural medicine which they incorporate into their courses with interesting and informative modules such as the biomechanics of safe movement, the biochemistry behind our practice and real time experiences of energy pathways.

A closer look...

Jessica Martin-Jones

Teacher of Philosophy, Vinyasa, Meditation and Nutrition 

Jessica has dedicated her life to finding holism within her practices, hence her studies within holistic and preventive nutrition, neurology, gut brain communications and holistic counselling. Having travelled the world and gained all of her Yogic qualifications in India, she has a true understanding of the direct lineage and carries this through her teachings with a unique flare inspired by her scientific application. Her style is unique with a holistic yet creative approach. Jessica is a retired artist and Art teacher, which was what initially sparked her interest in the therapy of the human body through art forms - which is where her path crossed with Yoga. She began her own business teaching in an Art Gallery in Melbourne (Where Barefoot originated and can still practice now with our teachers) to bring her students colour therapy and gentle visual stimulation to access deeper part of the sub conscious whilst practicing Asana. 

500 Hour qualified YT (Yin, Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga)

Specialises in;

- Vinyasa and Hatha

- Philosophy 

- Pranayama 

- Nutrition

- Meditation 

- Holistic counselling

- Business of Yoga, Marketing + Advertising

Adam Kaoullas

Lead Teacher of Anatomy, physiology, Chinese medicine and Yin Yoga

Adam is an ex professional boxer, having competed within the top ranks of Australia and on the world stage he met the true meaning of Yang. Since retiring from his professional athletic career he has been in the pursuit for balance, which he has found in becoming a Yoga teacher and lead trainer of Yoga alliance certified programs. As an anatomy and physiology teacher, rehabilitation specialist and Chinese medicine enthusiast Adam brings a very well rounded approach which is rooted in Science and the history of medicine and traditional medicinal practices- you won't find his approach anywhere else. 

500 Hour qualified YT (Yin, Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga)

Specialises in;

- Yin Yoga

- Traditional Chinese Medicine + Philosophy

- Anatomy of Physiology 

- Health Science, Acupuncture

- Business of Yoga, Finances + accounting


How much experience do I need before doing the course ?

- Generally speaking, it is advised that you have had a regular Yoga practice for 6 months -1 year, this is not mandatory and other experience will be taken into account. For example if you have other qualifications within the health and wellness industry, we also accept that. Remember, Yoga is NOT just the physcial practice - if you meditate, journal, practice rituals - this is also a mindfulness practice. The definition of Yoga is Citta Vritti Noradhah - Stilling the fluctuations of the mind. 

What If I can't commit to the full time 21 day training ?

We have a 9 week part time, online training which is suitable for people who may be studying, parenting, working etc. There is a full page of information on the part time course; this course is run on weekends (Friday half day, Saturday Full day and Sunday Half day)

What If I don't live in Australia- Can I still do the training?

- Yes! You can either travel to Australia from your country and spend 21 days on a holiday Visa, or if you wish to stay longer in Australia you can get a working holiday Visa and include our training in the time you are given in Australia (Each country has slightly different Visas available - please check on your own government website). There may also be the option for a study visa.

- You can also do the online program. 100% of our classes are Live and recorded. We have had people join us from the Uk, Canada, Israel and Belgium whom have been able to manage their timetables just fine. We will help convert your timetables and completely understand that you may not be able to attend all of the live classes. We have a policy when doing the recordings that our students make notes and send us a copy for us to ensure you have absorbed the information correctly. 

Is this course just for aspiring teachers ?

This is a teacher training. However It is also perfect for those who wish to gain this knowledge for themselves and to deepen your practices. However, you will need to take part in peer teaching and the final assesments to pass and gain your certificate. You never know! You may like teaching more than you think. 

Melbourne Studio:

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Byron School: 

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