Upcoming Trainings:

Online Yoga 200 hours Vinyasa & Yin

September 4th- November 1st - SOLD OUT

November 6th- January 7th - Availability 

In Person 200 hours Vinyasa & Yin

January 31st - 21st February Limited Availability


Our credentials

Guaranteeing professional and internationally recognised teaching. Yoga Alliance Australia is one of the best in the world, requires all lead trainers to have a minimum of 4000 hours of experience before attaining a lead role. Our teachers have been taught in India themselves and have completed all of their trainings in India. This maintains the strong lineage of authenticity throughout their teachings and course materials. Jessica + Adam aim to keep Yoga traditional with a heavy focus on anatomical alignment and knowledge of the physical, emotional and mental body. As trainers we believe in the constant evolution of ourseles and the dedication to our own learning to bring the best content and teachings to our comprehensive and spiritual courses. 



Guaranteeing professional and internationally recognised teaching

Jessica Martin-Jones

200 Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher

300 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher

Owner and CEO of Barefoot Yoga

Specialises in;

- Vinyasa and Hatha

- Eastern Indian Philosophy 

- Pranayama + Meditation

- Business of Yoga, Marketing + Advertising

- Nutrition

Adam Kaoullas

200 Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher

300 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher

Co- Owner and CFO of Barefoot Yoga

Specialises in;

- Yin Yoga

- Traditional Chinese Medicine + Philosophy

- Anatomy of Physiology

- Business of Yoga, Finances + accounting


How much experience do I need before doing the course ?

- Generally speaking, it is advised that you have had a regular Yoga practice for 6 months -1 year, this is not mandatory and other experience will be taken into account. For example if you have other qualifications within the health and wellness industry, we also accept that. Remember, Yoga is NOT just the physcial practice - if you meditate, journal, practice rituals - this is also a mindfulness practice. The definition of Yoga is Citta Vritti Noradhah - Stilling the fluctuations of the mind. 

What If I can't commit to the full time 21 day training ?

We have a 9 week part time, online training which is suitable for people who may be studying, parenting, working etc. There is a full page of information on the part time course; this course is run on weekends (Friday half day, Saturday Full day and Sunday Half day)

What If I don't live in Australia- Can I still do the training?

- Yes! You can either travel to Australia from your country and spend 21 days on a holiday Visa or if you wish to stay longer in Australia you can get a working holiday Visa and include our training in the time you are given in Australia (Each country has slightly different Visas available - please check on your own government website). There may also be the option for a study visa.

- You can also do the online program. 100% of our classes are Live and recorded. We have had people join us from the Uk + Canada whom have been able to manage their timetables just fine. We will help convert your timetables and completely understand that you may not be able to attend all of the live classes. We have a policy when doing the recordings that our students make notes and send us a copy for us to ensure you have absorbed the information correctly. 

Is this course just for aspiring teachers ?

Thats ok,  this is a teacher training. However It is also perfect for those who wish to gain this knowledge for themselves and to deepen your practices. However, you will need to take part in peer teaching and the final assesments to pass and gain your certificate. You never know! You may like teaching more than you think. 

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