50 Hour Traditional Hatha & Energetics Curriculum breakdown

Foundations of Hatha 

The True traditional meaning of Hatha, demystifying tradition

History of Hatha and finding the consistent goal throughout the ages


Injury prevention 

Traditional Hatha Salutations:

Sun/Solar Salutations

Moon/Lunar Salutations 

The Rotator Cuff and common shoulder injuries in depth 


In depth Anatomy of Energy 

Eastern into Western perspective 

The physical, functional understanding of: 

The Nadis (energy pathways)

Five Prana Vayus (direction of energy) 

The Gunas (quality of matter)

The Koshas (Layers of the body)

The Chakras (Energy centres of the body)

Teaching methodology 

How to teach Yoga without Postures 

Energetic Yoga teaching 

Appealing to a wider community inclusive of all ability and disability

Chakra healing and energy based class plans and structures

The Chakra System in depth 

Chakra foundations 

Understanding the true expression of each Chakra and it's function

Reading blockages + dysfunctions within our energy systems

Beyond Asana 

Mudra practice & the elements 

Types of Mudras 

Use of Mandala and Binaural beat within a class and self practice

The Bandhas 

Bandha practice

The history of healing 

Traditional & Contemporary healing and medicine

History of Medicine  

Looking at other indigenous and traditional healing methods



Buddhism & Yoga

The original meaning of Ashtanga Yoga

The 4 Noble truths 

The philosophy of suffering 

The eight fold path + the 8 limbs of Yoga

Advanced Samkhya 

Samkhya vs Yogic philosophy 

The Yoga Sutra translations

The 6 obstacles of Yoga (the Kleshas)

The Hatha Pradipika no relatio to modern suffering/illness


Biochemistry of Yoga 

Brain body medicine 

Cellular foundations of the human body







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