50 Hour Yin & Chinese Medicine Curriculum breakdown


This course is included for those who haven't learnt from Barefoot Yoga School to ensure everyone is entering the program at the same standard:

History of Yin Yoga & TCM

Yin overview fundamentals

3 Tattvas

Yin vs Yang

TADR principal

Science of Stretching

Finding Homeostasis in Yin

Basic Yin Postures

Circadian clock 

Nervous system basics overview

50 Hour course content

Organs, Emotions, Fascia & Acupressure points

x12 Fascia Lines 

Accupressure points

Meridian Pathways:

Lung & large intestine

Heart & small intestine

Spleen & Stomach

Kidney & Urinary bladder

Liver & Gall Bladder

Fascia + Meridian theory

Organs; Western & Chinese perspective

Element theory & energy


Teaching methodology

Holistic teaching model

Advanced class structure 

Class Examples

Advanced Yin Asanas

Practice teaching

Myofascial release

Advanced Biological clock methodology

In depth study of the Circadian rhythm

Best & worse times to practice

Integrative Meditation & Breath work 

Taoism & Traditional Taoist meditation 

Traditional Chinese buddhist meditations 

The science of psychophysiology 

Meditation within the holistic framework

Meditation & Breath work techniques informed by the TCM's 5 Element theory 

Teaching methodology and how to integrate meditation & breath work into a Yin Yoga class

Additional modules:

Traditional Medicine History






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