Online 50 Yin & Traditional Chinese Medicine YTTC 

Yoga Alliance Certified 

Contributes towards Yoga Diploma & 300HRS


18th-27th March online

17th-23rd June Byron Bay


2 weekends of Intensive training + 1 weekend of teaching!

Friday 5pm - 8pm

Saturday: 6-9am __BREAK__9:30am-11am __BREAK__3pm-6pm __BREAK__6:30pm-8pm

Sunday: 6-9am __BREAK__9:30am-11am __BREAK__3pm-6pm __BREAK__6:30pm-8pm


42 Hours of methodology, theory & practice 

4 hours of homework, reading & quizzes

4 Hours of allocated Teaching Per person as you are requires to teach a 90 minute class and attend another. 

In this advanced Yoga teacher training, you will learn about the relationship between Yin Yoga and Traditional Chinese medicine. This is a very powerful combination as you take your understanding of anatomy, physiology and natural medicine to another level through the Chinese Meridian system, element theory and the fascia & organ system. 

Taught to you via Zoom. All sessions are live! Giving you the highest quality teaching method as you can interact with your trainer and other students. You will be given access to The Prana Room which is our student portal incase you need to catch up, rewatch or find some interesting extra curriculum activities. 


Course Content (Part 1)

Foundations of Yin Yoga

> History of Yin 

> Fundamentals of teaching Yin 

> Yin Yang Theory 

Organs & their emotions

> Organs according to westerns and Chinese perspectives 

> Element theory & Energy

> Spirituality and TCM

> Energetic Pathways (Meridians)


Teaching Methodology

> Stretching 

> TADR Principle

> Bio-tensegrity 

> Holistic Teaching methods

> Class Structure 

> Class Examples

> Yin Postures

Course Content

(Part 2)

The Biological clock 

> Circadian Clock 

> Application of the Circadian Clock 

> When to practice Yin accordingly 

Integrative Meditation & Breathwork

> The Autonomic Nervous System

> In depth Paraysmpathetic states

> The holism model & meditation

> Ancient cycles 

> Psychophysiology theory 


Advanced Teaching methodology

> Traditional TCM & Meditation 

> Taoist Meditation

> Meditation techniques

> Chinese Element theory intertwined with Meditation

> The benefits of Meditation 

> Meditation teaching methodology



$790 (payment plans available)
We want to support & mentor you through this next step, which is why we have priced all of our courses in such a way that anyone can change their life. Payment plans can be discussed on request. If bought with one of our other courses there will be discounts available. 



Your group will be no larger than 8 students! Contact us or book in today to secure your spot