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200 Hour YTTC: About Me

Online 50 Yin & Traditional Chinese Medicine YTTC 

Yoga Alliance Certified 

Contributes towards Yoga Diploma & 300HRS


November 4th - 13th 


2 weekends of Intensive training 


Friday 5:30 - 7pm __BREAK__ 7:30pm - 9pm

Saturday: 7:30 - 10:30am __BREAK__11:30am - 2:30pm __BREAK__3:30pm-630pm 

Sunday: 7:30 - 10:30am __BREAK__11:30am - 2:30pm __BREAK__3:30pm-630pm 


42 Hours of methodology, theory & practice 

4 hours of homework, reading & quizzes

4 Hours of allocated Teaching Per person as you are requires to teach a 90 minute class and attend another. 

In this advanced Yoga teacher training, you will learn about the relationship between Yin Yoga and Traditional Chinese medicine. This is a very powerful combination as you take your understanding of anatomy, physiology and natural medicine to another level through the Chinese Meridian system, element theory and the fascia & organ system. 

Taught to you via Zoom. All sessions are live! Giving you the highest quality teaching method as you can interact with your trainer and other students. You will be given access to The Prana Room which is our student portal incase you need to catch up, rewatch or find some interesting extra curriculum activities. 

Catch up course

Catch up modules:

History of Yin Yoga & TCM

Yin overview fundamentals

3 Tattvas

Yin vs Yang

TADR principal

Science of Stretching

Finding Homeostasis in Yin

Basic Yin Postures

Circadian clock 

Nervous system basics overview

Due to the high standard of teaching that Barefoot Yoga prides themselves on, we have included a short catch up course in your tuition fees for those students who have not learnt with us before.


This will ensure that everyone starts on the same page!


Course Curriculum

Organs, Emotions, Fascia & Acupressure points

> x12 Fascia Lines 

> Acupressure points

Meridian Pathways:

> Lung & large intestine

> Heart & small intestine

> Spleen & Stomach

> Kidney & Urinary bladder

> Liver & Gall Bladder


> Fascia + Meridian theory

> Organs function; Western & Chinese perspective

> Element theory & energy

Teaching methodology

> Holistic teaching model

> Advanced class structure 

> Class Examples

> Advanced Yin Asanas

> Practice teaching

> Myofascial release

Advanced Biological clock methodology

> In depth study of the Circadian rhythm

> Best & worse times to practice

Additional modules:

> Integrative Meditation & Breath work 

> Traditional Medicine History

> Taoism & Traditional Taoist meditation 

> Traditional Chinese buddhist meditations 

> Meditation within the holistic framework

> Meditation & Breath work techniques informed by the TCM's 5 Element theory 

> Teaching methodology and how to integrate meditation & breath work into a Yin Yoga class



$950 New students
$850 Returning student
*Afterpay is Available on the checkout for 6 interest free instalments*



A deposit of $250 AUD will secure your spot on this program, the remaining amount must be paid 30 days prior to the course commencing.

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