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May Forecast Notes



Major astrology transits:


Beginning of the month:


Sun squares Saturn

What this means: By may 3rd this will play out. Serious reckoning, meeting with obstacles, having to overcome them, cross roads, letting go of something, sober reality, character building, results of hard work


3rd – 4th May Mercury changes signs into Gemini

What this means: Everything Gemini will be affected,


8th-9th Venus enters Gemini – This brings good fortune, pleasurable/desirability = fortunate things coming into your life (speech, good deals, ease with negotiation, buy or sell, sell out for businesses)


11th May New Moon in Taurus (ruled by Venus)

What this means: Positivity! Anything that you are reorganising, re-strategizing, re-visioning, re- stabilising in your life should go WELL. Make investments and purchases related to technology or learning!


12th May Mercury gets positive grounding from Saturn

What this means: Find forms of support, negotiating, seek mentorship




13th-14th May Jupiter crosses into Pisces

What this means: Big SHIFT until July! Powerful growth, fertile times a lot of birthing of your dreams.


16th-29th May Sun will go through the last degrees of Taurus (can be rough) followed by mercury going Retrograde in a square to Neptune

What this means: Overwhelm, deception, unexpected revelation, hidden secrets, questioning, truth vs false. BUT, could also be inspired forms of learning and communication for those who are more present.


26th Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Faith, over ‘worldliness’, spirituality, sense of being resigned to this too if there is some kind of grief or loss which will more often than not BUILD faith in the long run



We had a huge global spike around fear in 2020. FEAR is a root chakra imbalance, lack of stability, physical realm issues!


Overview of ENERGY; Turning point!


In April we had a lot of ancestral healing to work through, now we are working towards lighter and brighter futures. SHOCK, TRAUMA, TRIGGERS, FAMILY, HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS,  have been effective in the past 12 months in particular, April/May is energetically speaking time for healing and leaving these in the past.



  • Starting this month: Emerging road ahead, visionaries will be activated by the next 12-18 months

  • De-visionary

  • Collective exhaustion

  • Collective renewal

  • Self-care is at the centre of this month


Reflection on last 12 months:

March 2020 – NOW 2021 we can see there was a sudden turn of events, a huge shock wave and it peaked/climaxed for many of us during this period.


May offers up a new energy!


  • Collective need for renewal will be coming to surface. Usually, we have to recognise when we are exhausted with something before we take action to change or better it. ‘I need to support myself’ or ‘I need to do things differently’ or ‘what is it that needs to change’




  • Everyone is feeling the weight of what everyone has been through which creates a division energy. This can go one of two ways, you are retracting and are exhausted by everything you have been through. If this is you- you need to MINIMISE your stresses. Recognise that they world stresses have been very high and very NEW

  • Stress of collective fear & trauma was unavoidable, whether you were feeling/collecting this energy via other people or news – it will have effected you.


FIGHT OR FLIGHT energy can move and change in a collective way


Perhaps this last 12 months has been transformative for you, but for many it hasn’t. If you’re overwhelmed, you simply need to STEP BACK, STEP OUT, SELF CARE




  • You have recognised the past 12 months for what they have been and now you see/feel that CHANGE + RENEWAL is necessary

  • Self care should be right up there on your to do list. This doesn’t necessarily mean treating yourself extravagantly

  • We are in very new times! Therefore we need new strategies in order to look after yourself

  • CREATIONAL energy – we are the creators .  If we don’t like the way something is looking or feeling, it is up to US to influence it differently via the energy WE BRING.

  • But remember, if you’re exhausted then REST, RESTORE!




  • Shocking converging of the paths with people/jobs/acts who you have been very aligned with previously

  • A lot of relationships that will continue to need to EVOLVE and grow in new directions

  • Relationship with the world is changing

  • Keep checking in with your intuition as the form in which this energy comes in can change

  • If you’ve been feeling DISEMPOWERED – use your voice, speak your truth, stand for what FEELS right to YOU




  • Despite everything, in fact because of it – visionaries will be manifesting. We will start to see the next 12-18 months more clearly ahead.

  • What are you here to usher in?

  • To do this we need to make sure we are recovered from the grief and the stress. Therefore if you haven’t listened to the nagging voice inside then NOW is the time to focus on that, before your visions. Eminate light for you FIRST and then give the light to others.




  • Divorcing ‘group-think’ and birthing ‘group-feeling’ is what we are emerging into. You can get absorbed and come off centre OR



  • Walk

  • Dance

  • Journal

  • Bathe

  • Sing

  • Draw

  • Eat mindfully

  • Drink mindfully



  • It doesn’t have to be extravagant

  • It doesn’t have to be expensive

  • It doesn’t have to be time consuming


5 mins per day = 35 mins per week = 1,050 per month = 12,600 mins per year = 210 hours = 8.75 days off!


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