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$120 for x6 weeks

($20 per class)

We request a $40 Non refundable deposit from each of our students to secure your spot on your program/s.


Add on $15/ week online membership which features 6 live classes with the lead trainers at Barefoot Yoga School.


Vinyasa Flow

Ali Mayfield

Nov 9 - Dec 14

About the Program

In class you can expect to slow down your body using breath techniques, followed by a Vinyasa flow that focuses on strength and mobility, allowing us to feel more present in our bodies and mind


Slow Flow + Beginner Yoga

Kristen Harly

Nov 10 - Dec 15 Slow Flow

Nov 12 - Dec 17 Beginner Yoga

About the Programs

Slow flow - in this form of Vinyasa you are able to connect deeper with your breath and spend more time in each posture and transitioning with ease.

Beginner Yoga - is for those looking to start their Yoga journey and understand how they can gain a helathier mind and body connection


Vinyasa Flow

Abby Brown

15 Nov- 20 Dec

About the program

These classes are dynamic and aim to teach you how to build strength and stability in your practice whilst maintaining proper alignment, moving meditatively and using the breath intuitively. The classes will each begin and end with meditation and breath work to help you feel grounded and centred

Abby incorporates snippets of Yogic Philosophy and loves to share the stories behind each pose, rooted in Hindu Mythology

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Chakra Vinyasa

Alice Wesmore

Nov 10 - Dec 15

About the program

In Alice’s classes you can expect breath to movement sequencing through a beautiful Vinyasa. Each class has been carefully sequenced to align specifically with each Chakra, creating a meaningful connection with your body.

Yin +


Lisa Nguyen

Nov 12 - Dec 17

Nov14 - Dec 19

About the Program

Gentle, restorative yin yoga and meditation whereby each class will open with a mindfulness reading to bring your awareness to self worth, self care and self discovery. 


Each class will close with yoga nidra to enhance your quality of sleep and lessen anxieties

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Sunrise Hatha

Skye Jefferys

Nov 10 - Dec 15

About the program

For Skye, yoga has been a source of stability, nourishment and at times refuge for the past two decades. Encouraging the openness of heart required to face the inevitable changes through life and the strength to maintain inner calm. These 6 weeks will help you gain the skills to take your practice off the mat.


 Each week we will wake up gently, move and flow into our bodies gradually. Drawing on Hatha Yoga traditions, we will stretch and breathe into each layer of ourselves, building strength, stamina and flexibility. You will leave feeling energised, nourished, grounded and ready to face the challenges of the day. Suitable for everybody,


No experience necessary, perfect for beginners

Melbourne Studio:

26 Advantage Rd, Highett VIC 3190, Australia

Byron School: 

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