Online 50 Hour Hatha YTTC 

Yoga Alliance Certified 

2022 dates:

1st-10th April 

1st-10th July

Contributes to Yoga Diploma & 300 HRS


2 weekends of Intensive training + 1 weekend of teaching!

Friday 5pm - 8pm

Saturday: 6-9am __BREAK__9:30am-11am __BREAK__3pm-6pm __BREAK__6:30pm-8pm

Sunday: 6-9am __BREAK__9:30am-11am __BREAK__3pm-6pm __BREAK__6:30pm-8pm


42 Hours of methodology, theory & practice 

4 hours of homework, reading & quizzes

4 Hours of allocated Teaching Per person as you are requires to teach a 90 minute class and attend another. 

In this advanced Yoga teacher training, you will learn about the energy fields and how to experience them in real time, explore in depth philosophies and how to bring then into a class environment whilst attending to the biomechanics and chemistry of our Yoga practice and safe postures.​ 

Taught to you via Zoom. All sessions are live with full attendance expected. You will be given access to The Prana Room which is our student portal incase you need to catch up, rewatch or find some interesting extra curriculum activities. 

Guided Meditation

Course Content (Part 1)

The true meaning of Hatha

> How Yoga (union) can be applied in every aspects of out lives

> History of Yoga


History of traditional healing and medicine

> History of Western Medicine

> Where Hatha Yoga can help

> Energy theories

> Energy healing

> Western perspective on Energy



> Philosophy and schools of thought

> The Vedas

> Dual and Non Dualism 

> Samkhya in depth

> The Pranic bodies and the Vayus in relation to the Chakras & a Hatha Practice

> In depth exploration of the 8 limbs of Yoga

> How Hatha is translated in and from the Yoga Sutras

Course Content

(Part 2)

The Chakra System in depth

> Experiencing the Chakras in real time

> Chakra balancing methods

> The science behind the Chakras

> Chinese medicine and the Chakras

> A western approach to the Chakras

> Healing the Chakras

> The theory of Inner Child healing


> Biochemistry of Yoga & Meditation

> Biomechanics of safe movement

> Biomechanics of building a strong practice

> Locating the Banddhas and using them appropriatley



Advanced Teaching methodology

> How to apply Yogic philosophy within a Class

> How to balance anatomical guidance, philosophy and spirituality in a class

> How to create unique workshops


Additional modules:

> Holism and taking a holistic approach to our lives

> The theory of Prevention over treatment

> Understanding the modern Yoga industry

> How to get traditional Yoga recognised in the west

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$790 (payment plan available)
We want to support & mentor you through this next step, which is why we have priced all of our courses in such a way that anyone can change their life. Payment plans can be discussed on request. If bought with one of our other courses there will be discounts available. 



Your group will have a maximum of 8 students, please contact us or book in now to secure your spot!