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200 Hour YTTC: About Me

300HR & Diploma of Yoga
For qualified Yoga Teachers looking to become advanced practitioners and students

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Pre Requisites

Already done your 50HR Trainings?

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+ 200HR Foundational YTT

+ 50HR Yin & Traditional TCM YTT

+ 50HR Hatha & Energetic Anatomy YTT

This is the final Module for completing your 500HRS of Yoga Teacher Training, you may be able to seek credits for previous YTT's completed not through Barefoot Yoga School, just contact us to find out.

If you need to complete your 50HR trainings and wish to do them through us, you can complete them in Australia, or we may offer 10 days pre training in Sri Lanka before this final module, this will make your trip 30 Days instead of 21.

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28 Days of Immersive training on the South Coast of Sri Lanka 

30HRS Online

You will be completing 30HRS of your 300HR training online and the rest in person. 28 Days of immersive style training, in Sri Lanka to complete your final Master Modules of higher Education. If you already have your 200HR you may be eligeble for Diploma Certification upon gradutation.

- 10HRS Traditional Hatha Foundations

- 10HRS Yin & Chinese Medicine Foundations

- 10HRS Master Module Foundations

270HRS In Person Training

We start the program with Traditional Hatha, learning about the history, Subtle body anatomy and sequencing of a Hatha class. We follow on with applied Traditional Chinese Medicine with Yin Yoga, discovering Accupressure and Meridian knowlesge alongside Daoist Meditation techniques. You will then be joined by a larger cohort of students coming to complete their final Master module where you will refine your skills, deepen your practices and learn Ashtanga, Pre & Post Natal Yoga, Sound therapy, Modern Breath work techniques & more

- 40HRS Traditional Hatha

- 40HRS Traditional Chinese Medicine applied to Yin Yoga

- 180HRS Master Training

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Yoga Postures

Neurology of Yoga