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We are temporarily closed (again). Due to the reinstated lock down restrictions from Wednesday July 8th to August 12th, we will be postponing our bookings for our face to face classes + workshops. However our Online classes and courses are a brilliant way for you to continue practicing safe and sound. Read more below

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Why 4 Week courses?

We usually do 8 weeks, however with the uncertain times at the moment, we want people to feel comfortable in committing to a shorter term. We want our students to enrol not just for the Yoga, but for the journey as a group. Our terms coinscide with the VIC school Terms- allowing families & students the flexibility to go away during the holidays without paying for a memberships or lock in contracts.

What will I learn?

This is a different experience to having a 12 month membership and attending weekly classes at random. Our teachers have an 8 week plan which can delve deep into the philosophy, authenticity and alignment around the type of Yoga that you have chosen. Remember, Yoga was not a western practice- It is a way of life in many other parts of the world. We do not want to lose its roots.

What If I miss a class?

We allow you to make up your class and join another teacher & their group (during the term that you are in) at no extra cost! If you can't, we are afraid that you lose that precious hour in the Art Gallery.

Can I do multiple courses?

YES! We hope that our students love our unique service so much that they want to learn more! Each class is aimed at learning and achieving different aspects of Yoga so your content will not cross over too much.


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