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Wild Mushrooms

Online Studio

These classes have been recycled from our courses! You can find a variety of practices here which will give you access to free classes and hopefully inspire you and introduce you to some new structures & Ideas for you own classes!


Vinyasa is a type of  Yoga which is practiced in a more Yang way. However, the postures act as a philosophical underpinning as we explore what goes on in the mind & body when challenged


Hatha is where we explore true balance and can also be refered to as the Yoga of foce, not in a physucally exertting way but rather to explore how to move energy around the body.


Yin is one of the most challenging practices of the mind as you explore & hold postures for 2-5 minutes, focussing on emotional release, using TCM to influence the power of the class


During your meditation and breath work practices (pranayama) you are aiming to observe the mind and the breath. 

Meditation is 'to know thy self' 

More uploads to come


Here is a mixture of movement based classes that will help strenghthen and condition your body to keep you balanced and vary your movements outside of your typical  Yoga flows

Binaural beats for meditations

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