Conscious Living

What does this involve?

Live Session Times (AEST)  :

7:30pm Monday

7:30pm Wednesday

4pm Friday 


We ore offering a spiritually focussed membership which we would love for you to be a part of. Suitable for everyone, everywhere with the choice of doing the sessions LIVE or ON DEMAND.


Enjoy weekly meditations, breathwork, energy work, astrology readings & forecasts, chakra cleanses, drum journeys, higher self work, self enquiry and more! All sessions are designed and focussed around the current energies, shifts and astrology - making each session purposeful, relevant and powerful.


With the current climate we believe this is one of the most beneficial ways to live consciously. We are aware that Yoga studios for asana (physical) practice are reopening all over the world, therefore we would like to offer something DIFFERENT!

These are sessions which can be done ANYWHERE, you won't even need a Yoga mat! Go to the beach, for a walk or listen on your lunch break... anytime!

This membership will allow you to find a level of connectivity to greater purpose, energy and give you the tools to live more consciously and in harmony with your surroundings, nature and your self.

See the memberships below to see what is included.