Our Services

If you're looking to get holistic health advice and treatments, you are in the right place. We have professional and qualified holistic counsellors, psychophysiologists, acupuncturists and nutritional advisors on hand to help you rebuild and repair your WHOLE well being. 


Chinese Medicine Accupuncture is a form of needling applied to specific points in the body which help to relieve deep blockages and stresses on the body. 

Holistic Nutrition advice

Taking a look at your dietary choices from a holistic perspective, the aim of holistic nutrition is to educate the person around their food choices and help them attain a long term, sustainable diet which is free of proessed foods, bad oils, sugars and other hormone disrupting substances.




Rather than using the needles, this is done by applying direct pressure to the specific accupressure points, alleviating all kinds of aches, pains and emotional stress.

Holistic counselling 

Here we look to achieve a deep level of healing through understanding where the body and mind as an entire mechanism have fallen out of balance, causing diseases and pain in your life. This may include inner child work, working with energetics of the mind and body and rewiring the brain's long term programming.

Breath work + Meditation

Private sessions with a trained professional who and prescribe specific techniques to help with ailments that you experience, from pain, to headaches, to emotional stress, high cholesterol and blood pressure to over active minds along with a huge spectrum of other health benefits. 

How to make a private booking 

Some of these services are available Online, other treatments must be administered in person such as the Acupressure and Acupuncture. We are based in Byron Bay and are available for bookings and home visits. To make online bookings, follow the same procedure as we only take bookings over the phone.