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Registered School & Continuing Education provider

Barefoot Yoga School is a family owned institute, based in Byron Bay, Australia. We provide the highest quality trainings through upholding high standards across the board in our courses that we offer here.

We are not a Yoga studio, we specialise in producing high quality Yoga instructors which are safe, informed and well educated. All of our time and efforts go into creating cutting edge courses, updating and refining textbooks, up skilling ourselves, teaching and supporting our cohort and community. This is our primary focus and why we believe we are different. 


We are very passionate about the lifestyle in which Yoga requires as per the ancient texts - Yoga is not just physical, a real Yogi adapts their entire life around having a Yogic practice which is evident on and off the mat. This is truely what you can take away from an immersion style course.

If you are purely interested in becoming an Instagram Yogi, then you have come to the wrong school. We focus on the full spectrum of Yoga, translated from India and applied to a Westernised context. Our core values align with the four main pathways of Yoga which we teach and instil throughout our programs to create a well rounded teacher; Karma (action & selfless service), Bhakti (devotion), Gyana (wisdom & questioning) and Raja (Asana, Pranayama, Meditation). 

We guarantee professional, friendly and internationally recognised teaching. We are Registered with Yoga Alliance International, which is one of the best registry boards in the world with the highest standards - making the schools accountable and able to assure quality of teaching and knowledge to be provided to you in your YTTC.


Yoga Alliance International has strict guidelines for what is deemed an appropriate curriculum, often unregistered programs have an unbalanced curriculum which lacks important aspects such as Anatomy, practice teaching & philosophy.



DSC_1269 2.JPG

Adam Kaoullas

Lead Trainer of Anatomy & Yin, Co-owner, Acupunctirst, rehabilitation specialist

As a retired professional boxer, Adam is now leading a different life as a lifelong student of Yoga and qualifying Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine practitioner.

Adam has over 12 years experience in physiology, rehabilitation, anatomy, and personal training. He has worked in rehabilitation centres in the US, helping the injured and disabled to find their feet and even walk again.

He has a raw passion for helping people and making Yoga a safer and more effective form of movement therapy. Adam is incredibly invested and makes it his mission to give Yoga teachers a better education and understanding of the human form and thus produces highly trained Yoga teachers whose anatomical knowledge is outstanding.

Adam has an undying enthusiasm for the human body and biomechanics which is very apparent in his teachings.

He runs the Yin yoga, Chinese medicine and Anatomy modules in these courses.

Jessica Martin-Jones

Lead trainer of Philosophy and Eastern practice, Co-owner, Nutritionist, Psychophysiologist

With a deep connection to the roots of Yoga having completed all of her own training in India, Jess knows how to bring the East and West together.

With over 1000 hours of Yoga and Meditation teacher training under her belt, Jess offers groundbreaking perspectives on Eastern philosophy which she weaves throughout her teaching.

As a qualified counselor Jess is further able to shine a light on trauma-informed Yoga and Meditation teaching, with a particular passion for neuroscience. Jess is the driving force behind this passion project and school. She built Barefoot Yoga from the ground up after moving to Australia in 2017 and wants to share her experience and insights on how to build your dream from the ground up.

Jess runs the Vinyasa, Philosophy, Hatha and Meditation aspects in our programs.

DSC_0660 6.jpg

Glenn Martin

Guest Teacher, Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist, Qi Gong Teacher


Glenn has recently joined the teaching team at Barefoot Yoga School. He is a highly qualified and experienced Chinese Medicine Practitioner, specialising in Acupuncture. Glenn has over 25 years experience treating patients and spent time learning from the gurus themselves in Japan.

He is also a Qi Gong Instructor and trainer, which adds depth to his modules that he offers in the Advanced Yin & Chinese Medicine 50 Hour training.

Our Mission

Jess and Adam are motivated to give the Yoga Teacher Training world a major overhaul when it comes to quality!


They have witnessed and believe it is well over due that we improve the overall standards to give the liecence to teach.


Without going too far down the rabbit whole of what the current state of the industry is and has been for a long time - they look towards a new dawn of teachers. We want Yoga teachers to be well respected in the wellness industry, but this starts from the roots - training! We pledge to provide the highest standard of training with application and comprehensiveness at the forefront of every lesson.

What you should expect from your Yoga School


We can guarantee you programs that are well balanced, we don't just focus on spirituality or on the other hand hard core science, we encompass all aspects of Yoga, not just the 8 limbs but also movement as a therapy, biomechanics, neuroscience, biochemistry, the origin, the tradition and the western translation alongside plenty of teaching practice and teacher - student time.

Why don't we offer cheap pre recorded courses?

In our professional opinion, these programs should not qualify people to teach the public. They are fundamentally plaguing the industry with unsafe and inexperienced teachers. 

Yoga Alliance International will not allow for their courses to be run as pre recoded content. A maximum of 10% of the curriculum can be taught this way, hence our 20 hour foundations course.


We are agreeable with the reasoning behind this - it is our job to guarantee the safety of teachers being produced in our industry. To be a competent, safe Yoga instructor you need quality time with your lead trainers who can answer questions and supervise your technique on an individual basis.


Each person who comes on their training has a unique body, allowing time to study and observe other bodies on your course will also allow you to become a better Yoga instructor who can assess the safety, alignment and biomechanics of a students practice. As lead trainers, we also need to observe the practice teaching to ensure safe and high standards of Yoga teachers.  

All of our accredited programs are Live streamed with a maximum of 10% of hours allowed to be completed without your lead trainer providing face to face knowledge online or in person.