Yoga Alliance Registered 



This is equivillant to 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Training

The best part is, each program is a stand alone certificate, so it's a self paced way to plan your future and be in control of your level of commitment! 

Take a look at each step and how you can start planning your Diploma with us! 

Mix and match the way you learn to help you budget and plan a successful pathway which can fit around your current life with the potential of doing aspects of the program overseas on campus with us!

There is no limit or expiry date on how long you wish to take with to complete your Diploma, but one thing you can be sure of, is that your Lead trainers will always here to offer advice and mentorship when you need it.


When will this be available?

We like to plan ahead so that you can too. We are offering this  advanced program as part of The Yoga Diploma or as a stand alone certification for those who haven't studied with us before in 2023.

This gives you plenty of time to make sure you can plan ahead and complete the other certificates before hand (not compulsory). We will be offering this program in person & online. We are looking to host this program in Greece, Sri Lanka and Bali from 2023. You can reserve your spot now to ensure that you don't miss out on the opportunity to join 7 others.

What is the Level system and where are you at?

Level 1 - 200 HR Yin & Vinyasa Foundations

Level 2 - 50 HR Yin & Chinese Medicine + 50 HR Hatha & Energetics

Level 3 - 200 HR advanced YTTC


In total this is 500 Hours. You may have completed other trainings with other providers, you can still attend the advanced training if that is the case, although you will not qualify for the Diploma unless all 3 levels have been completed with us.



Each program is charged individually, which also allows you to mix and match different ways of learning to help you plan financially. To complete your 500 hours Yoga Diploma you will need to complete all 3 levels and pass the exams for each individual certificate which can vary in price. If you'd like, you can email us to get a quote. This cost can be spread out and managed with payment plans.

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Is this Diploma Registered with Yoga Alliance?

YES! We are with one of the best branches of YA International, their requirements are of a much higher standard than other branches such as America. Therefore we can guarantee an exceptionally high standard of teaching & learning

How long does this take from start to finish?

Well that is up to you! Each program is a stand alone certificate, which allows you to control the pace at which you progress. From 2023 you will be able to complete the full 500 Hours in 1 year, although we recommend spacing out your education to enable you time to practice in between each part of the course.

I have done other courses with different schools, can these contribute to the Diploma?

The short answer; Not if your previous school was unregistered or registered with Yoga Alliance America. This is due to the difference in standards which can't be compared from America's YA to YA international (much higher standards)

Are there payments plans available?

Yes - each payment plan can be discussed individually. We usually suggest placing a deposit and ahead of time to help space out your payments over a longer period of time. For example if you wish to do the Level 3 200HR advanced in 2023, you can place a deposit now and space out your payments by 12+ months. The longer you leave it, the larger your payments will have to be. 

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